All glory comes from daring to begin!

All glory comes from daring to begin!


About me

Hi my name is Anne-Marie. I’m a food and recipe fanatic with a serious case of wanderlust hanging on to the good things in life with determination!

Welcome to my Foodprints Across the Globe!

Smart cooking is one of the things I love most so I will be sharing a lot of smart recipes. Smart recipes will allow you to enjoy your guests company instead of slaving away in the kitchen the entire night! Tasty fresh food from all over the world will never have been easier to make.

Me and my husband Xavier love to travel as much as we can whether it is short trips to Belgium or Germany (one of the perks of living in the Netherlands) or longer trips in Europe and far beyond.  

So far we visited Spain, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Austria, United Kingdom, Greece, Cyprus, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Germany, Belgium, France and Czech Republic and from every single country we take food and recipe ideas home with us!

Travel blogposts will follow shortly!

Feel free to explore my site! I’m very happy you are here!



Cooking is Love made Visible!